Wood Brothers in Toronto

The Wood Brothers at the Mod Club in Toronto

Review and Photos by Jake Senger

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The Wood Brothers, who hail from Atlanta, played a great energetic set of music Wednesday night at the Mod Club in Toronto. The band is a family affair with brothers Oliver Wood on guitar and vocals and Chris Wood on Bass.  On this current tour, they also have a drummer playing with them, Coco.

It was a fairly small crowd Wednesday night but the Wood Brothers filled out the room with their great folk blues songs.  Oliver Wood, guitarist and singer, showcased his excellent guitar skills including some great slide playing all night long.  His raspy voice added a lot to the music and really made each song sound very sincere.  Chris Wood, bass player from the popular jazz band Medeski, Martin and Wood, hit all the right notes and showcased his technical ability on the bass.  

The set began with some older acoustic numbers that allowed Oliver’s voice to really shine.  When Oliver grabbed his electric guitar, Chris’s bass playing was front and center with some nice added touches by drummer Coco.  The show was a nice mix of songs from all four of their albums.  Some highlights were Liza Jane off their covers E.P., Loving arms, Shoefly Pie > Down, One More Day and the crowd favorite, Luckiest Man.  Luckiest Man was the encore and Oliver Wood encourage the crowd to sing along and everyone happily responded.  

The Wood Brothers really impressed on this cold winters night in December.  Their music was the perfect medicine for a quite Wednesday night in Toronto.  Hopefully they enjoyed their time here and will come back soon.