Prince's Opening Night Reviewed by Rolling Stone


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For a laugh, check out this surprise appearance on The View (of all places).  For some reason (around 2:00 mark), Barbara Walters thinks that she can compliment Prince by telling him that Justin Beiber wants to be more like Prince.  WTF Babs?

Every now and then, Prince decides to try being a normal rock star. You know, the kind who does a professional arena tour where he plays the hits. But part of what makes him such an eternally fascinating star is that he lives in his own private purple world, even when he sets out to make the house quake. He never surrenders his fundamental weirdness. Like his Minnesota homie Bob Dylan, he knows in his heart that nobody wants a standard greatest-hits revue — the mystique is that on any given night, he might bust out anything.

"Anything" is exactly what he delivered last night, on the opening gig of his rabidly anticipated Welcome 2 America tour, at New Jersey's Izod Center. He had the crowd panting as soon as he hit the stage, rocking a seriously cool black leather trench coat and glitter in his hair. He blazed away on guitar to his new theme song, "Laydown," featuring the immortal words, "From the heart of Minnesota / Here comes the purple Yoda!" At that point, all the crowd wanted was more Prince. So naturally, he fled the stage to make his three backup singers handle the next song by themselves. (They failed.) He's a weird guy, all right.