Who's Sick of Traditional Christmas Music?



Isn't it time that we move on from the traditional christmas music that we hear everywhere?  I have been moving on, but there is always a time where the music that I like to listen to at christmas doesn't match the office christmas party, or the home christmas party where everyone really just wants to hear White Christmas by Bing Crosby.  Bing was great, but there's a new Bing in town and that's thanks to Microsoft.

It seems like artists have an opportunity to write brand new xmas songs based on their own experiences.  Everyone treats christmas differently and it can be reflected in song.  

Type in "Another Lonely Christmas" into Bing and you'll get one of my favourite non-traditional christmas songs by Prince.

Another one that I've always hung from the mantle is Wonderful Christmastime by Paul McCartney. 

Here's a list of new and original christmas songs by artists which should make their way into the traditional christmas music list.