Top 5 Best 80's Canadian Music Videos

Sunglasses at Night

Corey Hart

A Criminal Mind


This was an amazing 1985 video that showed off some really cool animation. The video transitioned between live action and comic book style animation that seemed pretty fantastic in the day, but appears a little rough in todays standards. Gowan sings lead in the current incarnation of Styx. In fact, they cover A Criminal Mind and it's a pretty remarkable arrangement.

Wave Babies

Honeymoon Suite

This video was shot at Sandbanks Beach near Picton, Ontario. Because of that trivia alone, I watched this video over and over, since I recognized all of the landmarks. That beach was pretty much the only place to feel a little tropical when you came from Kingston. Wookie alert at 3:17.

Strange Animal

It Doesn't Really Matter

Platinum Blonde

Let It Go


Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone

Glass Tiger

In 1986, Glass Tiger had a hit with this tune. Alan Frew is caught singing his ass off in front of his bedroom mirror about loving himself, I think. When his buddy comes in at 0:56 on the harmony, you can only laugh at his burgandy waiter-cut jacket. I wonder what the kids in the horn section are up to these days?


Bryan Adams

I bet you thought that Summer of '69 should have been on this list, but to tell you the truth, nothing says Canadian hit like Heaven by Bryan Adams. It is the tune that got him doing ballads like "Everything I Do (I Do it For You)" for Hollywood.