Serena Jean - Town and Country

Serena Jean

Serena Jean from Hiway Freeker has been very busy in NYC the last few years playing in various live music acts and is currently touring her latest recording Town & Country. You can catch Serena Jean supported by Thomas Bryan Eaton Jeff Heishol, Jeremy Little and Rob Drake at the Dakota Tavern in Toronto on Tuesday, August 17.

You guys remember the funky Hiway Freeker right?

Here's's review of Serena Jean's Town & Country.  

Serena Jean offers an appropriate title to anyone unfamiliar with her. Town & Country blends elements of traditional country with the melodic chops that allow breezy pop moments to rise up naturally. “Moving On” displays this combo with the verses bathed in pedal steel twang while the chorus skips over into soft rock flavors. By the end, she joins the two styles together without causing even a mild sense of shock. Being equally adept within the blues realm, she manipulates a chilly groove on “For the Birds” and a silky shuffle on “Watch Out” but, unfortunately, simmers rather than belts out on “Voodoo Woman.” Later, a delicate folk singer persona emerges on “Footprints,” but as the number unfolds, a resigned attitude emerges to balance the song’s soft edges.