Interview with Brad and Andrew Barr


Brad Barr - Photo by Mike Bouchard has posted a candid interview with the Barr brothers.  Members of The Slip, Surprise Me Mr. Davis, and of course the Barr Brothers.

The Barr Brothers is the most recent project from Brad and Andrew Barr of The Slip and Surprise Me Mr. Davis. On their debut self-titled release, the brothers enter new waters, exploring a stripped-down acoustic folk sound that relies heavily on poetic lyrics and beautiful melodies. Shortly before they went off to perform New Year’s shows with their other outfits, The Slip and Surprise Me Mr. Davis, they took some time to talk to about realizing The Barr Brothers was a possibility, the new album, their ongoing musical evolution, and even a life lesson handed down from Trey Anastasio that remains with them until this day.

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