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 The New Deal

Coming off one of their biggest years to date, Canadian Live-Electro icons THE NEW DEAL have decided to call it day. With 10 records released and well over 1000 shows performed since the bands inception in 1998, tND has made an indelible mark as pioneers in the art of performing electronic music completely live and in real time.

So then, why stop now? tND’s drummer, Darren Shearer explains “Looking at the current musical climate, we realized that weren't going to continue to be able put out new records every year and keep up the 80+ show touring schedule that is required of bands in our genre. It didn't feel fair to our fans, and wasn't the way we wanted our band to evolve. tND has always been about being creative in the moment, but we had gotten to the point where we needed either give it our all or move on. It feels right to end off here.”

tND began out over 13 years ago as an anomaly, a hybrid of electronic and live, capturing the essence of electronic music for real, and on stage. Now, there are literally hundreds of bands across the U.S. emulating that same idea, and with dubstep and electro on the rise, even more groups are surfacing, continuing to push this once fringe, very underground style of music even further into the pop realm. In 2001 SPIN magazine called the New Deal "The Kraftwerk of the new Millennium", but it has taken over a decade to see what this band has been a part of creating, as dance music now reigns in the clubs and the airwaves.

What’s next? Dan Kurtz will continue recording and performing with his mega-hit pop act “Dragonette”, Jamie Shields will continue to play super-dad while scoring film and television music for his company “Studio Cat”. Darren will be going west, where he has landed a gig in Los Angeles in film post- production.

The New Deal will mark the end of their career with six special shows, ending on the legendary floating music festival, “Jamcruise” that will set sail to Jamaica and Haiti on Jan 9. The band will play their last Canadian show on Sat. Dec. 17th at The Opera House with Scientists of Sound and Sam Klass and it will be a great end to a journey that began at a basement-level after-hours club in downtown Toronto over 13 years ago.

Cop this Free Track! "Back To The Middle" from their original live CD "This is Live" in 1998!

The New Deal - Babylon, Ottawa - 2002

Editors note: Here are some old photos I dug up from a New Deal show in Ottawa at Babylon from 2002.  They were taken with my first digital camera. A sony 1 mega pixel beast that cost around $1000.  Memory was expensive as hell, and the CCD in the camera couldn't take images in lighting that was just OK.  Well, here they are for what it's worth.

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Jamie Shields - The New Deal
Photo by Mike Bouchard