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Ashley Beth - Sugar Lime Blue

Sugar Lime Blue contacted recently to help spread the word of their existence to our online community along with one of them funky little passwords that let you download the digital album.  The album covers what appears to be a well-aligned style of music that would fit the interests of most jamband fans.  The band would probably be well received at any jamband or indie festival stage.

The harmonies are well done, but one has to wonder who else in the band will support the lead singer at a live gig.  There doesn't seem to be any other members adding vocals to the mix.  That's just a curious observation, not a critique in any way.

There are some classic chord changes and rhythms recognized from other places. For example, the main progression of "No Road Back To Texas" could lead one to hear "Farmhouse" by Phish. But while we're there, "Farmhouse" leads us to "With or Without You", "No Woman No Cry", "Blue Eyes Blue", and the list goes on.  Hence the word "classic". 

There's also a taste of classic CCR in "Talkin' To Yourself" but in 2011, how can a band not touch on some of the sounds, riffs and ideas from artists that have inspired them to learn their instrument of choice?  You just can't hang your entire career on someone elses coat-rack (Lady Gaga cough cough).

If you're reading this site and have travelled the far reaches of the internet from the southern US, you're in luck.  The band is from Tennessee so you've probably got a good chance of getting good and drunk watching them live at a bar or state fair.  If you're much farther north, like up in Canada...Ontario...more specifically Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal...etc and you're wondering if they'll be playing in one of these cities any time soon, probably not.  Unless of course the band books a gig at a nearby festival in the US (moe.down?) and decides to supplement their tour with some Canadian dates.

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