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Event will showcase Valuable and New Memorabilia and Releases from Canada’s biggest collectors

Sunday March 27th


Estonian Banquet Hall
958 Broadview Ave. (2 blocks north of the Broadview Subway station)
Doors: 11:00AM-4:00PM
Admission: $5.00


Just as The 40th Annual Juno Awards will have wrapped up, the Toronto Downtown Record Show begins with Canada’s biggest music collectable and memorabilia event, featuring over 50 of the most influential and popular sellers in Canada.

With a growing attendance every year in the thousands - from the fresh-faced youth brand new to the joys of vinyl to the septuagenarian who makes collecting music his life-long pursuit -  the TORONTO DOWNTOWN RECORD SHOW has become a haven for collectors of all ages whose love of Vinyl, CDs, Paper Goods and other music collectables that just can't be quenched. The amount of reasonably priced gems that have turned up at the show is staggering: A huge selection of Rock, Jazz, Soul, Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B, Psych, Progressive, Metal, Reggae and more.

The show organizers, Aaron Keele and Akim Boldireff, known as The Record Guys, are for free appraisals of item in your music room. With vinyl enjoying an increase in popularity, explains Boldireff and Toronto’s multicultural music scene means people can source many genres on vinyl in the city.

“You can find anything here. You can’t say that about most cities. Even if you don’t buy anything, you’re going to see stuff that’s phenomenal, you’re going to see a history of music,” he says.