Phil Lesh talks about Terrapin Landing

Phil Lesh - Bass Architect

[via Furthur Forum]

We’re taking the first steps to make a long time dream- a permanent musical home- come true. We are purchasing a building in Marin, and plan on remodeling it to feel like an old barn; we ‘re calling it Terrapin Landing. We will continue with Furthur while making music at Terrapin Landing when we are at home.
The music will be varied, featuring:

  • Phil Lesh & Friends (continuing the tradition of revolving lineups, including old as well as new friends)
  • West Coast Rambles, based on (and blessed by) Levon Helm's historic Rambles
  • Album night- we pick a favorite album or two to play live
  • Telstar night- we put together a band for free form improvisation
  • Sing-alongs to monthly Sunday morning gospel music
  • Trivia nights
  • Monthly big band night
  • Seminars with local musicians and artists

Our goal is to create a vibrant community gathering place: beautiful, comfortable, welcoming - for members of the community to commingle and enjoy good music.

- Phil