Barr Brothers Live Video on Routes: Montreal

 Brad and Andrew Barr

The Barr Brothers recently played an intimate live show in Montreal for CBC's Routes.  Here is the CBC recording of the rare and wonderful event.

The Barr Brothers Brad and Andrew, are the core of the well-respected Boston rock outfit The Slip. For the past 2 years they have been sucked up into the Montreal musical community. Brad Barr has a growing rep as one of this city's tightest guitarists, while brother Andrew can create excitement on the drums a la Keith Moon. Montreal harpist Sarah Pagé adds a rich harmonic layer as well as much intriguing electronic processing. The multi-instrumentalist Andreas Vial fills out the band with an assortment of keyboards and bass instruments.

Elizabeth Powell is the leader of Canadian cult heroes Land of Talk and together they produced one of the most memorable of Routes Montreal's concerts. There is a sense that the Barr Brothers band is on a mission, Brad says, " I'm going to keep plugging away, keep writing, and I have a studio here in Montreal that I'm at every day. I'm just going to try to keep one upping myself I guess.'