Phish of the Day - Twist > Slave


This is just a phenomenal Twist which gives one an idea of how far 2000 Phish were able to take a conversation and proving they could still turn on a dime when they wanted to. Trey was using his components on the floor to his disposal more and more and in some ways I think it was throwing folks off of the layers being created, which was a key to this era of Phish, as far as my ears heard things. I'm not talking Boomerang Trey, which some argued was too simplistic. I'm talking about what Trey learned from the funk siren and how the band worked around that sound. The jam that comes out of this Twist is a prime example of what seems to have been a lost evolution but was definitely interesting at the time.

The heaviness in the air got thicker once Slave started. Trey was still pushing it and the band famously, which is why they are in my ears, surrounded him perfectly leaving the music to do what it had to do. A casual crescendo that peaked as it would leading to any picture perfect Slave.

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