Review - Peter Elkas - Repeat Offender

Written by: Sharon Williamson

Repeat Offender album artI hopped on the Peter Elkas band wagon long after his time with the Local Rabbits.  My adoration began with his solo work “Party of One” in 2004 and “Wall of Fire” in 2007.  Since their release, not a month (sometimes not even a week) goes by that Peter’s tasteful, catchy and smooth songs aren’t adding to the soundtrack of my life.  So I may not necessarily be the most unbiased person to review his latest release “Repeat Offender” (an unfortunate choice of titles for those that recall Richard Marx’s album of the same name).  Available on vinyl with a CD version included, let me just get it out of the way, that Peter is a beautiful man, and I love that his picture adorns the cover so that I may dance with it and pretend that all those puppy dogs belong to him and I and we take them for long walks..... I digress.

Thankfully, Elkas hasn’t made a large departure from his now signature sound.  This album plays beautifully on a Sunday morning as do his others.  Unlike his other albums however, Repeat Offender has a more playful feel and several almost doo-wop songs.  “Cool Thing to Do” and “Misery” sound like they could be straight from the ‘50’s and I dare anyone to listen to the carol-like “Tiny Valentine” and not have the fun, repetitive chorus stuck in their mind.   Beloved forum member, and Burt Neilson Band keyboardist Jeff Heisholt, has enormous presence on this album.  His piano and keys play an integral role in every song. Gavin McGuire joins his BnB alumnus on drums. A saxophone also lends to the retro sound and is a welcome addition.  Overall, it’s a well conceived collection of songs and Elkas continues to deliver his thoughtful lyrics, crooning vocals and tasteful guitar playing.

The Vinyl LP is available for order through Maple Music, digitally through iTunes Music Store, and of course BandCamp.

Listen to the tracks below.