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Who doesn't love the experience of walking into a vinyl shop and flipping through new releases, used records or just randomly pick up something based on the owner's personal tastes?   Ottawa has a few of these places still in business, and as far as I know, they are run by people who know, appreciate and love music and vinyl together.

Things you can do with vinyl - Sleeve Facing!

In the 1980's, while living in Kingston, I would go from one music shop, to the next to look at what was out.  But the place that really took most of my hard earned Woolco money was Brian's Record Option.  I could find used records for music that I had just discovered while in high school.  Getting deep into the Beatles was really fun at Brian's.  He had original 1960's presses of Beatles' records from North American releases to the British variant. Bootlegs of Shea Stadium (yeah on vinyl!) and original box sets of George Harrison's All Things Must Pass which included the original coloured sleeves, Apple label and George poster.  I still have everything I got from there.  I could buy old plastic sleeves from Music World for about 5 cents each (with marker labels like Howard Jones 9.99) and use them to protect the entire vinyl package.  

Ottawa's Birdman Sound is another one of those places.  I had only learned about this place officially today in the forums, yet have heard about the place thanks to Ottawa Bluesfest stages in years past sponsored by Birdman.  The shop came up in a post in our forums today and I had to point out that I had no idea where the place was.  Just from the discussion today, I'm guaranteed to pay a visit tomorrow and see how many records I can carry.

Birdman has put out a request for people to come out and buy some vinyl.  I don't think there's any better reason to head out to Birdman and flip through his collection.  Here's his re-reposted post and location of the shop.



Hey, hope all is well with you at this time of the year. I’m going to put this very simply. Birdman Sound is in need of your support. I don'’t need to list all that we’ve brought to the table over the past 20 years, but right now as in this week we need your support. What with the worst... stretch of “none shopping” weather we've had for the past week Birdman is in a major bind. Due to 5 ½ months of road closure, xmas shopping being the biggest “none event” of the past 20 years and me having to pay my landlords property tax bill of $ 2000. By Dec. 31st I am now in a huge hole. We continue to bring in the best in wax availability week in and week out for our discerning clientele, except the clientele is not coming in. Long story short I have not paid my (January 1st) rent yet !!!!! Despite best efforts, said land lord is demanding his pound of flesh by this coming Monday and yes I know, February’s rent is due 8 days later….can you say “another extension” ? Story of my life for the past year. I am hoping because my selection is killer and no filler that you might thi nk about showing some support this week and filling your boots, thus aiding one of Ottawa’s longest running independent purveyor’s of fine culture the opportunity to forge ahead into the abyss none by some as the future.

Thanks and I hope to see you…..John

Ps….sadly this is the first ever plea of this sort and frankly I'm embarrassed by it.



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