Mayfair Theatre Hosts New Brunswick Films to Save Theatre in Saint John

Save The Paramount from Hemmings House on Vimeo.


A growing number of Ottawa residents are working to help prevent a movie theatre in Saint John, New Brunswick from being torn down. There is a growing effort in Saint John to try and find ways to transform the Paramount Theatre into a multi-use performance arts centre. Thousands are adding their voice to save what many say could invigorate downtown Saint John and increase an already growing cultural vibrancy.

Those efforts include a fundraiser at the Mayfair Theatre in Ottawa to be held on March 3rd. Former residents of Saint John are raising money by screening a selection of recent New Brunswick films including Sistema Revolution, Holdfast and Magnifier, among others.  Former residents of Saint John are raising money for a fund established by the Uptown Saint John business development group.

The Paramount Theatre was built in 1948 by architect Harold Solomon Kaplan. It was the crown Jewel in the Art Deco Style and the most beautiful of its kind in Atlantic Canada. Closed in 2005 and silent ever since the Paramount is trying to come back as a vital new place in Uptown Saint John.

The fundraising matinee featuring New Brunswick films will be hosted at the Mayfair Theatre in Ottawa on Saturday, March 3rd, 2012. All proceeds will be donated to the Paramount Theatre Project to save

the old Paramount Theatre in Saint John, New Brunswick. Tickets $20.00 at the door. Doors open at


Film Listing:


Director/Writer/Producer: Tim Rayne

Co-Writer: Arthur Thomson

Cast: Josh Linton, Faith McFarland, Jim Lavoie, Terry Estey, Julien Pompon, Geraldine Tibayrenc.

Hopewell is a personal story of one New Brunswicker's fear of change while being stuck in the past.

Kings of Cribbage

Director/Writer: Bruce LeGrow / Producer: Pierre Huard

Join "Lucky" Lloyd Lancastor and the folks at "Moments in Card History" as they take you on a unique voyage into the world of cribbage. Legendary rivals Sandy Mann and Russell Gummis capture the imagination of their hometown, as they battle onward into cribbage infamy.

Wayfaring Stranger

Director/Writer/Producer: Matt Brown

This video poem uses old music & footage done by the filmmaker’s family which explores his childhood growing up on a farm in rural NB.

Sistema Revolution

Director/Producer: Greg Hemmings/Writer: Jennifer Power Scott

Sistema Revolution is a documentary about radical special change inspired by classical music. The film follows a group of directors from the award-winning “New Brunswick Youth Orchestra” as they explore how Venezuela has developed the world’s largest export of classical musicians. (“Best Overall Pilot” at the Banff World Television Festival)

Gamers: A Love Story

Director/Writer/Producer: Britany Sparrow/Cast: Becky Forbes, Kyle Smith John David Thornton, Kyle

“Max Tango” Hurley/ In the world of fantasy role-playing, David is everything Cora is looking for in a man. But in real life, can David live up to Cora’s expectations?


Director/Writer/Producer: Joel M. Thompson/Cast: William Beatty, Lex Gigeroff, Keith Ruttan, Elizabeth

Goodyear Boxface follows one man as he struggles to get his life back while battling with depression and anxiety.


Director/Writer/Producer: Matt Brown

A man’s reflections growing up on a small family farm in rural New Brunswick.


Director: Marcel Gallant, Writer: Michael McDonald

In 1969, Tommy Wilkins, spent his days dreaming and wishing for the time to come where he could go beyond, to the places his astronaut heroes had already been. One winter he meets a man with a secret machine that would give Tommy all the answers. Be careful what you wish for.


Director/Writer/Producer: Tim O’Neill/Cast: Katrina Noftell, Jason Roy, Josh Linton, Kaitlyn Adair/ A snowflake falls in love with a man in the last moments of his life.

Hold Fast

Director/Writer/Producer: Arthur Thomson/Story by Arthur Thomson and Tim Rayne/Cast: Josh Linton,

Leah Warren, Keith Ruttan Elizabeth Goodyear Hold Fast tells the story of Joey, a young man content to raise his family in a rural New Brunswick fishing town that generations of men have left to make a living elsewhere.