You put the U in uRockaoke - May 18 at Elmdale Tavern, Ottawa and the Elmdale Tavern are coming together once again to put on one of the most memorable musical experiences to have ever taken place in Hintonburg.  This neighbourhood has become a hub for foodies, artists and MUSIC.  On May 18, live music collides with karoake.  Hosted by Montreal's uRockaoke, a night of live music featuring the live backing band with talented members from Land Of Talk, Stars, The Dears, Socalled, Melissa Auf Der Maur, and more.

They bring the instruments, the song backlog, and the musical talent that spans genres like jazz, rock, reggae, bluegrass, country and pop.  You bring the U and put it into uRockaoke!  You are the rock star, and this is your band.  Pick your song and become a member of uRockaoke while they play their guitars, bass, drums, and anything else the arrangement requires while supplying you with full backup harmonies and lyrics.  

Be part of this and you can say that you played at the Elmdale Tavern in Ottawa, live, on-stage!  It's a perfect night to come out and enjoy the talent of your friends or even share your own deepest secret on-stage talents.  You never know, you just might be the next rock star!

I took 1/2 hour flight to Montreal in order to ask Mike Felber, band member and manager of uRockaoke 5 important questions, and promptly flew back after roughly 20 cocktails, some scotch, cigars, smoked meat and poutine.

Who's in the band?

Chris McCarron (Stars, The Dears, Land of Talk)
Michael Felber
Jordey Tucker
Lisa Iwanycki (Creature)

How do you cover horn sections, strings etc?

Guitar player used a Roland synth guitar pedal. He can get all them sounds. 

Are there any interesting guest spots, or gigs in the past? If so...toss us a quick "great moment"

Things can get very spontaneous with live band karaoke. Example; Death metal version of sunglasses at night.
Also, have you ever heard of girls showing their boobies for an admirable karaoke performance? That was cool.

How many sets do you typically play?

We tend to enjoy marathon sets. We have done 5 hours without a break on numerous occasions. The demand from participants is high so we like to get everyone a chance to do their thing.

Have people sung the exact same song in one night?

Depends. Most often, we like to avoid doubling because we want to play to the crowd. The host (sign-up person) plays the evening as if she is a DJ. By doing this, she tries to help participants chose a song that she thinks would work best for that particular moment of the night. Comprendes?

Anything else you think is worth sharing?

We rock at making people look good so don't be shy. Come early to sign up. Check out the song menu online and practice your song, it will help youRock. Costumes recommended. Keep in mind, we are live band and most often, can change the style and/or key of your song. we love you.