What You Need to Know About RFID at Ottawa Bluesfest

 Artist rendition of Ottawa Bluesfest RFID Bluesband

What is the RFID Bluesband?

RFID stands for Radio-frequency identification.  It uses a wireless non-contact system that uses radio-frequency electromagnectic fields that transfers data from a chip embedded within the wristband. You've probably seen these in some hotel access cards and in most credit cards and debit cards today.

Where do I get mine?

The majority of patrons who have already purchased event admission are receiving their RFID-enabled wristbands (“Bluesbands”) by mail over the next few days; others have already received their
Bluesbands at point of purchase.

How will it work with admission?

For 2012, Bluesfest organizers have introduced a new “flex-option” for the purchase of festival admission. Patrons can now buy a Bluesband loaded with one day or multiple days and receive discounts if they purchase tickets for four or more days—the more days beyond four, the
bigger the discount.

What's up with online registration?

A free online wristband registration option will be available in advance of the festival. When activated, this feature provides protection against lost or stolen Bluesbands and offers the option to connect with Facebook check-in points located in the festival grounds. Patrons can register their Bluesbands on the Bluesfest website  beginning early next week.

Can I still use my hard-earned real life cash?

Although the initial plan included a cashless payment system for all products on-site, Bluesfest organizers have decided to do a trial cashless option but will not implement a cashless-system-only approach this year. A limited number of patrons will have the option to go cashless as part of the trial, while the majority of patrons will be able to use cash and other traditional methods for their on-site

Where can I get my RFID Bluesband?

Fans that have yet to purchase their Bluesband can do that by going online at capitaltickets.ca; or fans can visit Compact Music, our Rideau Centre ticket kiosk, or Scotiabank Place Box Office, where Bluesbands are provided at the point of sale. Festival organizers strongly recommend patrons opt to obtain their Bluesband in advance of thefestival.