Norah Jones at Ottawa Bluesfest


Norah Jones - Ottawa Bluesfest

Considering last night's amazingly packed event at Ottawa Bluesfest's presentation of Alice Cooper and Iron Maiden, it was very encouraging to see the attendance for Sunday night at the festival with Norah Jones headlining the evening.

The overall vibe was genuinely different, if you can imagine.  There were more lawnchairs that weren't being sat in than any sane person would have brought for Iron Maiden, but for Norah Jones, it was fitting.  Most of the load of the first part of her set were new songs so hearing people in a lawnchair at a live music festival say "I really like her old stuff" explained why so many people were there.  The majority of any major crowd wants to hear the hits.  Her newest music is different, but very engaging, music she collaborated with mash-up artist Danger Mouse.

When Norah eventually tapped in to her backlog, that crowd noise was impressive.  "Don't Know Why", Norah's Grammy winning song seemed to engage the audience further than might have been expected when she covered the Grateful Dead's "It Must Have Been The Roses" earlier in the set.  But not anyone could judge the crowd as it was incredibly diverse and couldn't all possibly know how well she was honouring Jerry Garcia's voicing, or how many important little licks Jerry needed on guitar that Jason Roberts (Who went super apeshit on a solo in another tune later!), Norah's incredible lead guitarist absolutely hit.

Earlier NJ had mentioned that she learned of a new word today, "pogo, a corndog", and hoped to use it every day.  Luckily later, the euphanism was sqaushed when she pointed out that they hadn't picked a band name yet.  The crowd suggested "Pogo".  Unfortunately for her, Pogo's taken.

After one of the most obvious encore returns to the stage (she said good night, thanks and was back in under 30 seconds) the show was closed with Sunrise which is what everyone will wake up to after another fun night at the Ottawa Bluesfest.