Bob Loblaw and Death Cake to Tear Apart Irene's

Legendary Ottawa freak-rockers Bob Loblaw pave the way for their return to the local music scene with aSaturday night show at the city's notoriously cool music venue, Irene's Pub.

Bob Loblaw with special guests Death Cake

Saturday, September 15th, 2012

Irene's Pub
885 Bank Street

After fifteen years steeped in individual musical projects, the four members of Bob Loblaw have reformed and have plugged themselves back into Ottawa's alternative-to-the-alternative music scene. Bob Loblaw spent the 1990's crafting a catalogue of material and an over-the-top live show that led to a reputation for being the wackiest and tightest prog-Zappa-reggae-punk-alt-delete-country outfit in Centretown.

While the original life of Bob Loblaw encompassed five years of shows throughout Ontario and a full-length release entitled “Monkey Do”, the newly resurrected group intends to go much further. The band has always had a penchant for bridging genre-chasms and years of individual musical exploration (Mash Potato Mashers, Backtalk Organ Trio, The Gutterboys, Burnt Reynolds, Resurrection Quartet) only casts a wider stylistic net for Bob Loblaw to bring together.

Death Cake is the newest musical oddity featuring Dave Lauzon and Jay McConnery, who made a name for themselves touring clubs and arenas from Tofino to Kentucky as two-thirds of improvising rockers nero. Pushing the boundaries and possibilities of riff rock, reggaeton and electric schizophrenia, Death Cake will leave you satisfied, exhausted and enthralled.

Death Cake is the newest musical oddity featuring Dave Lauzon and Jay McConnery