Heady Epic's Phish -- 7-22-2013

An interesting (really funny) piece appeared in an email with the following content over the summer that got lost for some strange reason.  Maybe it's because it was from such a infamous source, or maybe it was because it wasn't solicited.  Unsolicited reviews are always welcome and sometimes they should have more attention paid to them, like the following from the anonymous Heady Epic.  The Allison Brie connection may or may not be only gif related rather than some strong fascination with the actress. 
 Here it is after it popped up again in a task list that somehow went missing.

Seriously...watch this gif and listen to the Moma Dance or Gina nd Juice at the same time.

It’s been a tour showcasing the devil beating his wife in front of us but that aint stopping Heady because I am in that porn mode state rocking some morning wood thanks to all the mamasitas that couldn’t stop themselves from scenting off in my genital direction. I set a personal high in attracting skirty chichotas to my scenically scenexual dong with the schlongitude. The Molson Amphitheater should be renamed Pussy’s because out west Dicks is Dicks and that was pure east coast pussys baking in the hot sun with their drippy baguettes making a mess of the concrete.

 Moma Dance was my bone palace ballet and row XXX was doing the groovetacular grind on my face trying to get me to bust my rogue lovechuver sauce. Want some advice?  Lick it and stick it because my donglecide was swaggin in the wind getting ready for the incuming and outgoing  pecker clamps. There was a creature near me but I laughed at the shaqdick trying to poke its way out “You actually fuck with that thing old man?” so I yelled at Red  trying to torture us saying he is young.

Get back on the swag if that is what it takes  because my mollyball rant is tired of buzzanging out loud. First sets are always about getting you ready for the show so I was rolling pretty hard and seem to only remember the Stache as being truly Heady worthy while trying to get the rest of my stash packing. Borders aint got none of my chillability but the phingering turned to phull phive phinger phisting when Phish nutted all over Suzy Greenberg. How else do you think I am able to do it in the movies?

My warriorism was the lab rat for Biogenesis and I taught them all about the proper use of shaftashave lotion. Pretty sure I left someone with a lifetime of disorderly regrets during the diseezy monsterbating Disease as they cloaked us in the black abyss. It was time to sneak some thumbs into bumbs since the funk was so thick and chunky during Tweezer that I teased her cheeser until shesoaked my hair with the biggest squirt I have felt since I was a kid on a boat under Niagara Falls.

Who loves the sun? The rave terminater showed up and one eighty sevened us in its tracks with Silent In The Morning as the jizztards couldn’t get it together. Welcome to 3 Point Nooooooooooo! The rectal tremble from the stage nearly pushed me over a muderacious edge. I couldn’t handle the air biscuits coming from those butt trumpets so its time to get back on the dope train boys because this happens all the time now and Heady is getting up in your grills for aint bringing me no funkadizzle. I don’t got no happy happy.

The groovitational pull came back around during a Bowietasm and I was again rubbing on this chicks backside lip space with my taint. The ejaculate and evacuate train pulled into the station and my money shot skeeted out with the force of a thousand bukake ninjas as The Boys gave everyone a shank combi inside their mindz equal blown. Hate how being on terr you run into all these frequaintances so right after Loving Cup I gave a stygie after I was done plorking with the Heady Epic freshly made buttery gnar thanks to her yodelling on my gooch. I will be twattering that 23 year old chode whisperer the next time I steal an iphone fresh off the powdered rolkie bone nut.

Sextical status unlocked inside the kitteh fo. Pageaholicism got everyone pulling their franks, beans and beavers during the Coiled solo and I had another discharge recharge during Reprise. See you trendy posers in the fall because I’m bringing my bunwaxing style on the road and packing the trildo. I walk with a swagger and she is gonna limp the next day. Do’pedically yours fellow dazed danksters.

My force will be with you. Always. Ejaculator.