When Glen Hansard Plays a Jazz Festival

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He challenged the relaxed curfew of midnight in Ottawa and confirmed that it was OK to 
keep the music flowing.  He directed the crowd with a wave of his hand and a nod of his
head and uncommercialized grin.  Glen Hansard took over a tent, filled with ALOT of people
that may or may not have been to the earlier performances of the Ottawa Jazzfest.

This is the OLG stage.  The party that just continues after the main programming has ended (in the
middle of fucking Ottawa, just down the road from Parliament Hill where the rules are made).
Glen owned the tent, and the crowd.  This was one of those evenings where you would be
VERY happy to have stuck around and experienced.

On the way out, there were people saying "That was THE best concert I've ever seen in
Ottawa".  When asked "Why?",  the response described how engaged the crowd was, and how
they instinctively were able to sing in harmony by a simple direction from Hansard on

He had opened with one of the Swell Season's Academy Award winning songs, "Falling Slowly"
which is normally performed with his ex-sweetheart Marketa Irglova, yet he proved that 
his solo world is stronger than ever.  He didn't stop there with recognizables as he unloaded 
"Low Rising" which had the packed tent singing along and completely driving him further.

From that point on, he owned the crowd and completely changed the way we experience live
music.  He made everyone feel like they were part of it.

By the time the stagehands were clearing his gear off the stage, he was still proving
how unfinished his show was making slight references to his peaceful homeland.  There might have been a small skuffle as he wrestled his guitar and mic back in hand so he could continue past midnight.

It was well worth it because he once again got the entire tent singing FOR him, WITH him
and then eventually gave in and called it a night.

This is what happens when Glen Hansard plays a Jazz Festival.