Doobie Brothers Deliver the Goods

I can't say that the Doobie Brothers were the most inspiring band at JF this year but they certainly do exactly what you'd expect of them: put on a solid rock and roll show with few surprises, polished sound, brief solos, decent harmonies and all the hits. That their voices have stood up to the test of time (they've been going strong-save for 5 years in the 80s- since 1970!) is perhaps the most notable part about seeing the Doobie Bros in 2013.

The crowd too delivered exactly what you'd expect: old(er) dudes with long greying hair, ladies in tassels and cowboy boots, plenty of beer spilling during the big numbers and rambunctious singing of the chorus when prompted by the band. Predictably security was stepped up a bit and the red shirts verged on overstepping their duties here and there but the overall vibe was, I think, positive.

On the way out I heard someone slur, "That's the greatest concert I've ever seen!"– sums things up pretty well in its own way.