Great Big Sea at Ottawa Bluesfest [photos]

Great Big Sea

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Many of these photos target Alan Doyle in Great Big Sea.  The super high-intensity guitarist/singer.  It might also be because he had the best light, less obstructions and the space for photography tonight was tight.  They had a great lighting system, however the LEDs in behind were very distracting to the camera brains.   Everyone in the band were very dynamic, but Alan was a real lens magnet.

The Ottawa Bluesfest has done a pretty interesting job tweaking the programming from year to year. While there were slightly missed targets (*cough* Electrofied *cough) , they seem to have slowly and dynamically adjusted to the tastes of 300,000 ish attendies.   Since last year's Club heavy theme showed that LOTS of people do love performers with Macbook Pro's, and have no need to see musicians play an instrument, they've continued to include the same at a more focused level...mostly at the Black Sheep Stage.

That's just a side-dish this year.  It seems this year's main course is slightly different, yet targeting more specific tastes from night to night.  Like having ribs one night, pulled pork the next night, and fajitas the following night.  It just so happens you can get both pulled pork AND ribs at some of the vendors at the festival. There are ALOT of food stalls.  Where's our china town?  

Tonight's main act was another example of how Ottawa Bluesfest organizers have been drawing in the crowds. Great Big Sea, probably had roughly the same attendance as the other major acts throughout the festival. The place was filled with people jumping up and down, full of red bull quality energy, all thanks to the performers on the stage.

The Tragically Hip last night had a very well age-spanned crowd, but it appears that Great Big Sea cover everyone from headphone-covered toddlers to very old people who came to rock yet probably didn't even want to leave the backyard rocker.

It has always seemed that the only people that mention how much they love Great Big Sea are from the east coast, so looking at the massive crowd tonight one might guess that there were alot of east coasters in Ottawa tonight.

Not everybody's going to like the same music, but the organizers know that and they know how to find the right amount of people for the right kind of music.