July 7th: Last Night We Were Young

Tegan & Sara - Photo: Peter Waiser

Yes, it’s called Bluesfest. No, it isn’t just Blues acts (people often ask if there are any…). Does anyone care? Not really. No one’s going to miss the chance to see Wu Tang Clan just because they’re playing at a Bluesfest. Why? Well, according to Method Man it’s because they’re the “best rap group in the f’ing world!” I’ll let you make that call for yourself, but it’s hard to argue with such a high profile group on their 20th Anniversary tour. I mean, they managed to bring out a lyric-savvy crowd made up primarily of people born in the year they released Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). Plus they killed it last night! Everyone was into it despite the rain, most dropping their umbrellas to get their Wu signs up. Those who didn’t, spun those rain shielding devices for all they were worth. They’ve played Bluesfest before and if you’re kicking yourself for missing it again, DO NOT next time they come around. Seeing them live, if only just to witness DJ Mathematics’ mad skillz on the turn tables is certainly worth the cash (that rules everything around you).

There was a mass exodus after Wu finished, but we cut across the herd to catch a bit of “gorgeous Hannah Georgas”. Dubbed as such by CBC’s Grant Lawrence, that moniker applies both to her looks and her voice, and she. If the name sounds vaguely familiar, you may have looked up her ever-so-lovely “You’ve Got a Place Called Home” when it was featured on a Wal-mart commercial a few years ago. She currently calls the best…uh, West Coast, home, and her music sounds like it was made for getting in a car and cruising a coastline. Or a maybe a riverside, making Hannah + sunset + the River Stage a perfect little vignette for a Sunday evening.

Ever notice how fans like to emulate the artists they love? If there was such an award, fans of Tegan & Sara would most certainly win it. Pixie-haired cuties were packed in tightly to watch, what may have been surprising to some, a true rock show. Flashing lights, loud guitars, and keys played at a frantic pace. Tegan & Sara have always sung about matters of the heart, but the newly released pop-rock Heartthrob is a far cry from their If It Was You days. Their musical style might’ve changed, but the girls didn’t break from typical T&S protocol, and songs from the new release, dominated the set list. No matter, long time lovers were rewarded with sing-along gems like “Living Room” and “Where Does The Good Go.” For those new to the Tegan & Sara party, I bet shazam was a godsend last night, and everyone will be caught up for their next show.

Here's where I should revel and relive Fun's set. Except if a lyricist like Nate Ruess wasn't able to fully express his amazement at the love Ottawa Bluesfest showed them last night, there's no way I'll be able to describe the feeling in the air justly. He couldn't stop smiling. We couldn't stop smiling. To be honest, I find the album versions of everything but "We Are Young" a little...annoying. Yes, I wasn't super excited to see the headliner. I was thinking about checking out the Diamond Rings DJ set. Then we arrived at the Bell stage. The whole set is now a blur of music induced joy, sparkling stars, and crowd belting. Last night we were young.