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Phil Lesh Q&A 12/10/1995

I'm the "bouche" that manages to squeeze in a message. During this window of technology, bandwidth was limited so even live usenet chats (way before Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, etc) bogged down from too many people typing.  There would be only dozens or possibly over a hundred people in a chat like this.   Who knows what Phil was using at the time.  Probably an ISDN line while we were all on 56.6 Kbps modems.  Right now, you can be watching Phish, live streaming their concert in San Fransisco in High Definition sound and video.  



Phil Lesh in the chat room (#gdead channel)
Dec. 10, 1995
8:30-9ish pm PST

CongaRose: ok folks ... he is all yours
***    CongaRose is now known as Phil

Phil: hiya kids hiya hiya hiya

Phil: My head is buzzing- garcia's guitar in my left ear again just like
   the old days..

michaelz: phil, what's the status of the new live CD (90-95)?
Fish: Phil will you start singing now?
althea: will we ever see you play?
deadhead: phil what up for the spring man!
sofmachin: phil do you put on sock sock shoe shoe or are you a sock shoe
      sock shoe kinda guy
flux: phil, this chat shit is utter anarchy and Totally Sucks.
jaime: how was nasa
august: let phil speak!!!

Phil: So what's the haps, folks?

BrianB: be nice flux
Oregon: So Phil, what are your musical plans?
Phil: My musical plans are many and diverse.

Undie: Phil we need to hear you play bass!!
flux: the Grateful Dead owe me FIVE DOLLARS!!
fennario: we miss you phil....
sofmachin: phil who is gonna take control of the JGB vaults
Drumspace: ssssshhhhhhhhh
august: Phil why did it take you so long to break out unbroken chain?
dario: Plug in your bass Bro and vibrate my keyboard!
Hobbes: BASS owes me $500 dollars in service charges

CosmicMC: Phil -- Do you still have your Alembic bass, or will you have
another one?
jaime: phil, how was nasa?

Phil: The vaults are sacred and locked...heh, heh.

deadhead: phil spring we get some shows or what?
grep: Phil: What if any musical projects are you involved with as of now?
Ganesh: yeah SPRING SHOWS?
august: phil why did it take so long to break out unbroken?
deadhead: hey phil...can you smell the kb onstage from the philzone?
Lakecf: so, Phil come visit us occasionally here in#gdead when it isn't so busy

Phil: Sorry, no shows are planned. No particular projects yet, but I'm

beej: what happened to the album you guys were working on???
surgaree: ooh-it sure smells funky at the Philmore-gotta love the harvest
michaelz: when will we get the live 90-95 album?
Madnessss: Tell us what you are thinking phil?
august: how about conducting?
althea: no more dead though?  sigh...
jhlywa: Hey Phil, what do you think of Charles Ives?
mojo2: Thanks for coming back to Memphis Phil;-)

Phil: We're listening to live and studio versions of the new songs to
   see what's there...

fennario: Phil, please let 'em release all the good stuff from the
   vaults...even though I do appreciate your immpecable taste :-)
rukind: PHIL: howcome yall didnt PLAY RIPPLE more than once?
shannon: is there slight possibility of any studio release
Drumspace: can you talk about your reactions to Jerry's death then and now?
Ganesh: yeah release everything......
michaelz: so studio versions of some new songs are possible?

Phil: The vaults (creeeaaakkk) will be opened SLOWLY!

august: Phil, when are you going play with bobby?
surgaree: Phil-what was your favorite solo if you have one at all?
flux: Phil, would you like a hit of this joint?
Hobbes: Hey Phil why don't you come down on the stage and talk to all
      the people here at the Fillmore who aren't on the computer?

Phil: Yes.

Ganesh: grin
raelani: Phil: I really hope you guys find a way to release the new
   stuff.  I know it would mean a lot to a lot of us.
Bouche: All I want is a pepsi!
deaded: Phil, see if you can answer all these questions immediately!
Timelord: open the flood gates on the vault Phil
Ganesh: yeah just release everything..
CosmicMC: hehehe deaded.  ROFL!
Oregon: Phil, are you going through recent tapes to merge with the
   studio album, or for a totally live album?
LWill: yes to flux?
CongaR: slow down guys!
beej: any date on possible release???

Phil: No one can type that fast.

TheBiscut: Have you heard Phish, and what do you think of them.  Is
   their name a combination of Phil and Lesh?
flux: Is there going to be a RHYTHM DEVILS TOUR?
BLKPTR: hey you have recordings of  every show the Dead have played?
DSilver: this is NOT the real Phil Lesh
Ganesh: grin
clueless: let phil sing!!!!!!! (talk)   :)
Hobbes:  if so how much you want for them
China_Cat: yes,it is DS....
murg: if phil is going to stay a while we should go back to moderated mode
Ganesh: who is it then?

Phil: No, of course YOU'RE the real Phil Lesh.

CongaR: yes murg
Drumspace: can you talk about your reactions to Jerry's death then and now?
***    Signoff: Phil (Error 0) 
CongaR: do it
deadhead: yea murg
deaded: let phil type
Ganesh: this REALLY phil?
ches: au contrare
Undie: moderated mode! please!
DSilver: this is the same Congarose who had ops 5 mins ago
raelani: Good answer, Phil.  :-)
amee: ill type for you phil, i type really fast :)
eleven: he's gone
AVENU: congarose
Hobbes: no it's jerry back from the dead
deadhead: will the real phil please step forward :D
fennario: Undie!:)
CongaR: yes but  we just crashed
CongaR: crashed
CongaR: wait
CongaR: please
CongaR: stand by

nyingma: hehe phil got the boot... wait everyone

Phil: yes please op us

nyingma: ok he's back
murg: Ok everyone we are back in moderated mode I will begin to pass out
   voice privs again
Phil: Nothin' much...

CosmicMC: I'm wodering . . .  What happened to the Alembic bass?

Phil: You're welcome, I'm sure.

CongaR: no msgs [directly to Phil] folks, too crowded
Tirebiter: Phil, when are you thinking of playing live, and with whom?
deadhead: so phil...what is up for the spring?
michaelz: Phil, you say marketing dictates the rate of CD releases. How
   about the mailorder only idea (a la Dick's Picks). We'd buy 'em all!

Phil: The Alembic bass was lost in the fabric of the universe.

CosmicMC: hehehe!

Phil: That's how it is- mail order.

deadhead: when are we going to here you thump again phil?
Phil: Who knows?

CosmicMC: Phil, will you play with David Grisman, and how will you adapt
   to his style?
michaelz: i though you meant like Hundred Year Hall - so as not to flood
   the record store channel

Phil: No plans to play with anyone- haven't been asked.

CosmicMC: hehehe
deadhead: the rumours are that there will be somethin with carlos
   santana and others...anything to that?
Phil: There are no plans for live performances.

deadhead: well you can come to my house and play anytime ;)
Tirebiter: Phil, when do you anticipate releasing the recent Grateful Dead
deadhead: Phil: what do you play besides electric bass?

***    Signoff: Phil (Error 0)

CosmicMC: Phil -- What about Eyes of Chaos?  Or Rexx?
Tirebiter: Oops, Phil got dumped.
deadhead: hahahah we lost our phil?
deadhead: how uncool
CongaR: he'll b right back
CosmicMC: hehehe this is insanity embodied
Zookeeper: hey conga can they still see us at the filmore?
CongaR: back


Timelord: That was the second to last show and a very beautiful Visions
deadhead: ;) thats killer
flux: Phil, is there going to be a RHYTHM DEVILS tour?

Phil: We love you tooo...
Phil: Ask Mickey.

TheBiscut: Phil, are there any thoughts on releasing a CD of the last show?
DSilver: Phil: THANK YOU for finally playing Unbroken Chain.. I've been
       waiting 10 years to hear it!
CongaR: folks if u msg your questions no one else can see them

Phil: Yes, we're listening to it now to decide.

deadlaw: Phil:  What _are_ you doing behind your gear with the laptop? 
   Checking e-mail?

Phil: No plans for any playing in the band....

flux: Phil, you are shaking my shack right now.
Phil: Does it feel good?

michaelz: Phil, do you or any other band members read on Usenet?
bubble: Phil: do you have any short-term plans for the near future? :)

Phil: Yes, I do.

michaelz: Pretty crazy on r.m.gdead, huh?

Phil: so short I can'tm see 'em

CC_Rider: Phil, Are you teaching your son to be a musician, and/or is he

CosmicMC: Phil -- will you spend a lot more time with your family now?
***    Signoff: Phil (Error 0) 
CosmicMC: Phil seems to have been booted again.  :(
CongaR: oops  he will be right back
deadhead: hehehe
deadhead: technology rocks ;)


shannon:   Phil, do you have any advice tonight?
CosmicMC: Phil -- will you be spending more time with family now rather
      than playing music so much?

Phil: Hi- I keep getting disconnected...
Phil: Yes.

Zookeeper: so do we phil
Ganesh: cryptical envelope
amee: Phil......isn't IRC strange ?

Phil: My kids.
Phil: yeah- strange.

CosmicMC: Phil -- What will happen to Rexx Foundation and Eyes of Chaos?
flux: Phil, can you give us any insight into Ultra Low Frequencies and
   their use by the Dead?
Phil: Rex is in limbo. Eyes is alive.
CosmicMC: That's great to hear.

Phil: bye for now.

Ganesh: bye phil!
Zookeeper: bye phil
CongaR: thats it folks