Tedeschi Trucks Band at Ottawa Jazz Festival

UntitledCapping off their north american tour which included a super jam at Bonnaroo a week or so ago, the Tedeschi Trucks Band paid a visit to the Ottawa Jazz Festival in Confederation Park.  Their tour continues in Europe in July, and they return to NA for more dates and festivals including both the Lock'n Festival and the Peach Music Festival for more super jams.

This 11 piece group of musician super heros have played the Ottawa Bluesfest twice before, each time accessing a larger crowd.  Playing one side-stage along the Ottawa River one year created a vibe that continued the following visit to another river stage a following year.  This year, they are a bit busy touring europe fests and venues so they returned for a much larger crowd in Confederation Park which offers another killer backdrop to the set of southern gospel/rock. 

Susan Tedeschi is the pretty much the focus of the band, but over time, EVERYONE in the band becomes a focal point.  Susan's vocals go from creamy to dirty which can also describe Derek Truck'sez masterclass of slide guitar for the adventurous and unnerving talent.

'Bound for Glory' is one of those songs that has a great hook (good luck getting it out of your head after listening to that linked vid), and is anchored in gospel, but opens up a freakout jam in the middle, finding it's way back to it's roots to finish.  


Some police and emergency sirens started roaring by on Wellington during a pause between songs, Susan INSTANTLY declared "UH OH!".  Cops rushed the stage and took one of the 2 drummers in custody.  Actually, that last part didn't happen...but the band covered the disturbance with their own music like the pros that they are and she really did say "UH OH", reminiscent of Steve Martin's dry humour the night before. Susan's quick!

There was a bit of not-so-fun facts learned earlier that Oteil Burbidge, a long time kick ass bass player with Derek, was no longer in the band. HowEVER, Tim Lefebvre fills that gap with the same muted funk driven bass that directs alot of pairs of feet.  Seriously. Try to stand still when he gets going (even in a lawn chair one could only assume).

With the Allman Brothers winding down (according to one to two nearly sober sources tonight), it appears like Derek is going full-force with the TTD.  Since forming the Derek Trucks Band in the nineties, being recruited into the Allman Brothers, this guy has grown up on stage literally, not figuratively, teaching people how much better he can play the guitar with a piece of smooth glass on his finger than they can.  He's come from the best, plays with the best, which includes Susan's partnership with him which is also a rare combination for grooving, that you just have to experience.